We founded the band in July 1996 with the same line-up as today, only Yazz then played the bassguitar. In this line-up we composed 10 songs, which we recorded under the name Cryptochisma on the first demo Mortification of the Saints at the end of the year 1997. The production was a mix of death and grind.

In the year 1998 came two drumers, bros Tom a Martin. They played with us about half a year, but we decided that the best variant of future existence of the band would be with an automatic drummer.

After the departure of the drummers, we welcomed a new member Boss DR550. At this time Yazz changed from bassguitar to guitar and our musick started to move to (we hope) technical and more complicated death metal.

In the year 2003 we recorded rehearsal demo CD named Pervasion, which included intro and 5 songs + data track with texts and video for one song.

At present we're working on stuff for a new recording.

„Pes, kterého uzdravíš, tě nikdy nekousne. To je hlavní rozdíl mezi zvířetem a člověkem.“ Mark Twain